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Romax Rat CP

An Intelligent approach to Rat control.

Bowden and Knights are pleased to announce that they now carry Romax Rat CP, a new ‘professional only' and very effective form of rat bait. Romax Rat CP, a multi-feed bait, is as potent as single feed products such as bromadiolone but poses a significantly reduced risk of secondary poisoning. Anyone with concerns about risks to predatory birds can use Romax Rat CP safe in the knowledge that there are considerably low risks of any problems occurring to other forms of wildlife.

This product has had success in other countries and is now being launched in the UK. It has been proven to control some strains of rats that that have previously been resistant to other first generation coagulates and is also as effective as some second generation activities such as bromadiolone but a big difference is that Romax Rat CP is less persistent in the environment.

This new product has been described as an intelligent approach to rat control , it is based on the special ‘soft block’ formulation which has been proven to be particularly attractive to rats, it appears as a soft block so has the benefit of being ‘non spill’ and can be held in place. The active ingredient is coumatetralyl at a level of 0.0375% which when formulated in such a way has outperformed many existing products. It has been tested to be effective against both the ‘good feeders’ and the more difficult to control ‘hesitant feeders’, ensuring that Romax Rat CP provides the most effective form of pest control whilst resulting in minimal impact to the environment and other surrounding wildlife.