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Bowden & Knights appointed a distributor of Elector

A new product for the control of poultry red mites.

Bowden and Knights are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as a main distributor of the new red mite controller, Elector. Elector contains a new class of active ingredient for the control of red mites, killing poultry red mites that have already developed resistance to other classes of active ingredient.

The poultry red mite is one of the most commonly encountered pests on layer farms. The damage it inflicts consists of sucking the bird’s blood and causing it stress. At the bite sites there is inflammation and prolonged itching. The results are reduced feed intake, sharp drop in egg production, restlessness and contaminated eggs. The poultry mite is also known to have the capability of transmitting diseases such as salmonella which can result in death and high mortality if not treated.

With Elector’s unique mode of action, one application can control poultry red mite up to 12 weeks. Not only does the poultry red mite come into contact with the active ingredient directly as a result of spraying, but it is exposed to Elector as it migrates across the surfaces that have already been treated.

Elector acts as on a specific nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (AChE) and, in addition, blocks the chloride channel of the GABA receptor. Elector affects insect’s nerves in a unique way resulting in paralysis and death. The full effect on the poultry red mite is apparent after 3-5 days.